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Solutions to Your Most Difficult Problems
CORVID TECHNOLOGIES brings advanced computational physics analysis techniques,
an experienced and internationally recognized staff, and cutting edge hardware together to solve complex engineering and
scientific challenges. Our blend of resources provides low-cost, high-fidelity, on-time solutions to our customers.

C6R SM Missile C6 Oven
Fluid Dynamics
Perfecting the way a missile flies through the air cuts down on needed fuel, and ensures an accurate detonation.
Structural Mechanics
Using numerical tools to develop effective solutions that save lives and protect valuable resources.
Shock Physics
Hypervelocity impacts, fracture and fragmentation, vaporization, and high explosive detonation.
Styling and Surfacing
Combining engineering and Industrial Design, Corvid designs products that are built for the real world.
Large Scale Prototyping and Development
The goal of this test was to determine the detonation point of a missile.


Computational Fluid Dynamics

Corvid personnel use and develop tools to improve the entire CFD analysis process, from problem setup to interpretation of results.

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Structural Mechanics

Structural MechanicsAt Corvid Technologies we use advanced numerical tools to solve large scale structural dynamics problems. Our indigenous parallel computing capability gives us the ability to run extensive calculation suites of very large problems (over 10 million degrees of freedom). Our in-house code, Velodyne, allows us to apply the appropriate Finite Element Modeling (FEM) scheme best suited for the problem (Lagrangian element, SPH, Coupled Lagrangian-Eulerian).

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Shock Physics

Our researchers apply hydrocodes as tools to develop and assess the lethality of a variety of weapons systems and their components. We have expertise in experimental design and interpretation, material, equation of state and constitutive model development. Our experienced and internationally recognized subject matter experts in hydrocode analysis are capable of leading weapon programs from inception to procurement.

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Styling and Surfacing

Corvid's in-house design department produces original Class A
(Curvature Continuous) CAD surfaces from concept sketches
or scan data, as well as modifications to existing CAD
from a variety of software packages. Results vary from
watertight CFD-ready models, packaging studies, and
CNC tooling files, to print-ready artwork
for promotional applications.

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Bringing Design and Engineering together

When the US Government is going to add a new missile to their fleet, strict regulations need to be met. Everything from how it will perform in battle or defense, to how it is transported. Imagine a missile comes under attack while being moved from the factory to a military base, causing civilian lives to be in danger. Our job at Corvid Technologies was to design and build a test that would simulate such an attack. We designed an oven that would heat the missile to great temperatures for an extended period of time, while keeping temperature variance to a minimum. RAVEN was used to simulate the air flow of the oven around the missile, and the test results led us to be confident of the oven's performance capabilities before it was ever made. RAVEN was used throughout the process to maximize success and minimize cost.

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