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Accurately predicts the outcome of extreme loading events on the human body.

CAVEMAN is a high-fidelity computational model of the human body with the geometric detail and accuracy needed to predict the outcomes of extreme loading events on the human anatomy. 


The CAVEMAN model was developed within the Velodyne modeling framework for mounted crew injury assessment when exposed to underbody blast events for the U.S. Marine Corps.  During the development process, the CAVEMAN model has been run through an extensive biofidelity evaluation  to assure the model mimics the human body response under load specifically in the areas of the lower leg, pelvis, and lumbar spine. 


Comparison of the CAVEMAN model injury predictions to cadaveric test data has shown the model to be predictive for skeletal and soft tissue injuries. 

In addition to mounted crew injury analysis, the CAVEMAN model can also be applied to other application areas including: ballistics modeling, nonlethal weapons testing, medical simulations and analysis of laboratory-based cadaveric testing.  Injury assessment results can be displayed with standard finite element tools, the CAVEMAN Injury Visualizer, or virtual reality display. 


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