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Corvid maintains a ballistics and mechanics facility on our headquarters campus, allowing us to prototype and refine designs and support tests.

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Manufacturing Facilities
Heavy Equipment Assembly & Handling
Sewing & Soft Goods Prototyping
Press Brake & Sheet Rolling
Sandblasting & Painting Facility
Certified MIG & TIG Welding
3D Printing
Plasma & Laser Cutting
CNC Lathe & Mill Machining
VARTM Composite Fabrication
Sheet/Structural Metal Fabrication
Mechanics Lab
3D Printing: Fabrication Of Test Fixtures, Launch Sabots, Scaled Warheads, Etc.
Ballistics/Armor Testing
Electronics Lab For Sensor Development
High-speed Video (600K Frames/Sec)
Instrumentation Lab : Pressure Sensors, Load Cells, Accelerometers, & 500 Mhz Data Acquisition System
Material Characterization
Shock Tube + Compressed-gas Guns
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