High fidelity computational physics simulations in real-time rendered 3D virtual reality. 


Vision is a proprietary Extended Reality Experience tool developed and exclusively sold by Corvid Technologies. Corvid utilizes Vision for immersive visualization and analysis of high fidelity modeling and simulation and CAD for their contracts with the USMC, USSOCOM, MDA, and others and has provided the tool to the USMC as a visualization solution for their ground vehicle survivability, lethality, and vulnerability analyses. Vision produces real-time 3D visualization – revealing what aspects of system response are most important. Additionally, it shortens analysis timelines while increasing analysts’ level of understanding.


Corvid’s virtual reality center enables us to visualize high fidelity computational physics simulations in a real-time rendered 3D virtual reality environment, interact with 3D models and environments and recreate complex CAD assemblies in 3D. Our on-site equipment includes HTC VIVE, Cosmos, and VIVE Pro Eye VR systems, Samsung Odyssey Windows Mixed Reality Systems, Hololens 2 Mixed Reality Headsets, Zed Mini Mixed Reality Camera, and several VR capable desktops and laptops.


The software we have developed for interacting with our modeling and simulation results reduces the time required to interpret and understand cause-effect relationships, design shortcomings, and complex system response characteristics and enhances an analyst’s ability to identify errors in the model configuration, such as overlapping parts, missing components, and incorrect or inadequate mating interfaces in large assemblies. This increases the likelihood that a simulation will be run correctly and reduce costly simulation iterations.


We focus on developing our VR software for commercial GPUs to reduce VR system cost so clients can more easily afford compatible VR hardware.  This also allows us to run our software on a laptop. Approvals to process classified data in our VR center are pending.