Computational Fluid Dynamics



Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) refers to the numerical solution of the partial differential equations governing fluid flow. With modern computing resources, CFD is frequently used today to obtain accurate predictions of flows over, or through, complex configurations. Generation of a suitable grid from the geometry can take weeks in some instances. From the generated grid, it is possible to solve for pressure and flow. The solutions are then used to interpret the results and make recommendations.


Corvid personnel use and develop tools to improve the entire CFD analysis process, from problem setup to interpretation of results. 


These tools include:

  • The ANSYS ICEM CFD package for unstructured grid generation

  • Established processes to generate high-quality grids rapidly (0.5 days to 1 week) on complex configurations

  • In-house-developed tools to improve overall grid quality and increase local grid refinement

  • The RavenCFD flow solver, developed at Corvid

  • In-house-developed post-processing tools to simplify the analysis of large 3D datasets

  • FIELDVIEW for dataset visualization