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Corvid delivers efficiency, low cost and high performance HPC.

Our focus on efficiency, low cost, and high performance as seen by the implementation of the company’s own supercomputer, makes Corvid one of the top contenders in the high-performance computing industry.  Contact us for a quote tailored specifically to fit your needs at a competitive price. 

  • Highly competitive prices for compute time on our water and air-cooled HPC systems​

  • Redundant clustered storage and daily incremental backups as additional add-ons for data generated using our high-performance computer​

  • Customer support for 3rd party solver integration on our HPC systems​

  • Customized HPC hardware and software recommendations based on customer needs, applications, and budget​

  • Specialize in HPC cluster configuration consisting of InfiniBand fabric, scheduler, provisioner, and nodes​ 

  • Upgrades of cluster provisioner and scheduler upon new releases with minimal downtime​ 

  • Develop and troubleshoot custom job submit and batch scripts for various solvers, both in-house and 3rd party (ex. ANSYS, RAVEN, VELODYNE, Fluent, CFX, CTH, Taos, Star-CCM+, ALE3D, etc.)​ 

  • Compile optimized software with proprietary compliers (ex. Intel compilers, Portland)​ 

  • Troubleshoot slow simulation performance, failed/dropped/hung jobs, and network issues on HPC cluster​

  • Configure HPC cluster security through network segmentation, job access restriction, and system hardening​ 

  • Consult customers on HPC best practices, common problems, and implementations 


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  • Dual 10GBE LAN Interfaces Per Node - Intel X550  

  • 192GB ECC DDR4 REG 2933MHz, 12 x 8GB, Per Node

  • Mellanox EDR100GB IB ConnectX(5)

  • Intel 6242 Cascade Lake Processors 16C at 2.8GHz, 22MB L3 Cache

  • Custom 4 Nodes Per 2U Platform- 128 Cores Per 2U Total - Intel C621 Chipset


  • 10-12x Faster Than Typical Cloud Computing Implementations  

  • 0.6 Microsecond Latency and 100G/s Bandwidth 

  • 4.6 Petabytes of Active Storage 

  • ​340 Terabytes of RAM  

  • 20 Racks

  • Over 50,000 Processor Cores

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