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Utilizing modeling and simulation throughout the entire process, Corvid Technologies has successfully designed, developed, and fabricated a slow cook-off oven for insensitive munitions (IM) compliance testing of a large missile system. 


The system was required to evenly heat the test article from ambient to a given temperature in accordance with a predetermined temperature profile.  A software and sensor package was developed to monitor and control temperatures inside the oven.  Due to the nature of the test, the structure of the oven needed to provide minimum confinement.  Previous attempts to construct similar ovens resulted in wide variations in temperature across the test article, well beyond required limits. 


A total of three ovens have been fabricated in our facility. Although each oven is custom built, we were able to optimize the manufacturing process with respect to performance and cost.

The project is an excellent example of Corvid's ability to manage and execute a project from end to end, including the design, analysis, optimization, build, and test.

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