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Corvid Technologies Luncheon/Open house

We have been working to bring to market many of the technologies that are utilized inside of Corvid to differentiate its Engineering Services for key application areas like Missile Defense & Intercept, High Speed Vehicle System Design, Range Safety, Ballistics/Blast, Survivability & Lethality.

These tools and technologies include:

  • ITAR Compliant HPC Environment architected for simulation workloads 

  • Velodyne Hydro-structural code built for Missile Defense applications & High Strain Rate events

  • Raven CFD, Robust scalable code designed for high speed aero-databasing problems

  • Caveman virtual Cadaver for modeling injury prediction and other human interaction

  • HAVEN Cybersecurity as a service platform, enabling customers to move towards CMMC Level 3 Compliance with a scalable and cost effective solution

When: 11am – 1pm CST , Thursday November 18th


Where: Corvid Huntsville Office - 360b Quality Cir NW, Huntsville, AL 35806)


Lunch & refreshments will be provided


Formal Agenda to follow 

Please make us aware of any dietary restrictions or allergies so we can ensure everyone can enjoy lunch!


CFD Simulation of vehicle egress


High Speed Vehicle modeled with damage


Bolt Tunnel Test CFD Validation Case 

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