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Corvid Technologies Wins Lockheed Martin Supplier of The Year Award

1 September 2022

Corvid Technologies is honored to receive the Lockheed Martin Space Supplier Recognition Award for Supplier of the Year. This accolade, presented at the virtual LM Supplier Conference, highlights Corvid's exceptional contributions to Lockheed Martin. Corvids' support and involvement in Lockheed Martin’s programs span various critical domains including test events, system design, algorithm development, and performance analysis. 

Corvid has been recognized for this award primarily for their groundbreaking analysis work, diverging from the typical hardware providers who often receive such recognition. Corvid's innovative approach to system design has not only been pivotal in shaping robust systems but has also garnered trust and respect from major stakeholders such as the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) and National Laboratories.


About Corvid
Corvid Technologies LLC, headquartered in Mooresville, North Carolina, provides advanced engineering solutions across defense, motorsports, and Olympic customers. Corvid plays a vital role in designing, developing, and testing critical national security solutions from ballistics and missile defense, to cybersecurity and rapid prototyping.

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